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Urban Design

SVA International has been delivering specialist urban design services to both the public and private sector since 2004. This includes development frameworks, master plans, detailed precinct plans, design codes and development guidelines. Each project is packaged into a specific set of work stages, deliverables and processes to achieve the client’s vision.

Our urban design approach aims to create people places that enrich the city. We focus on facilitating good flow and connectivity for the hierarchy of urban transit modes. To strengthen the sense of place, we integrate designs with the historic and natural landscape, while promoting mixed-use and form. With an understanding of appropriate ecological urbanism, we design adaptable, resilient environments that accommodate future change.

Using various techniques, from hand-drawn vision sketches to 3D computer models, we engage in the appropriate massing of buildings to achieve streets, squares, boulevards and parks of suitable size and proportion, resulting in enjoyable human cityscapes.

Design and control of pedestrian and vehicular flows in relation to building mass is integral. We do this considering the sensory experience of people who will be moving through planned public and semi-public urban spaces, while including the ambitions and requirements of the private end-user.

Throughout the process, we believe that adding value to the public domain in the city, while meeting time and budget requirements of our clients, is essential.