Granger Bay

Granger Bay

Cape Town

The development consists of a marina with breakwaters and floating jetties, five blocks of luxury apartments, an office block, a timeshare facility and hotel, as well as the Technikon’s Hotel, Maritime and Survival Schools.

The project was initiated by the Granger Bay Trust and resulted in the sale of the Technikon land to generate funds for the construction of the improvements to its facilities.

The office building of 5 000 m2 overlooks the harbour and working slipway to Granger Bay. It consists of two linear 3-4 storey office wings linked by a naturally ventilated courtyard with fully glazed gable ends. These facilities include the Hotel Catering School, Maritime and Survival School. The hotel is a timeshare development of 30 units and a 200 bed hotel apartment building.


Granger Bay


Cape Town


Hotel & Resorts

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220 Bed Hotel


Granger Bay Trust