Eden on the Bay

Eden on the Bay (with ACG Architects)

Big Bay, Cape Town

Within the Big Bay Beach Estate node, the Big Bay Beach Estate Urban Design Framework designates land parcel 2.1 as a mixed-use development, containing a retail, office, and residential component. This programme, together with a double basement parking requirement, forms the commercial heart of the larger development node, i.e. the village centre. SVA International (formerly Stauch Vorster Architects) together with ACG Architects designed the project to comply with the Urban Design Framework codes, paying careful consideration to the character of the open public courtyards and the public beach promenade on the west. The modest architectural language and strong focus on the spatial experience of the pedestrian, reminds of coastal Mediterranean settlements where glimpse views, intimate streetscapes, vibrant human activity, and the pleasure of the flâneur play an important part.


Eden on the Bay (with ACG Architects)


Big Bay, Cape Town


Urban Design

Completion Date



25 000m2


Asrin Property Developers / Mvelaprop